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Could this be your feet?

Opportunity for a church planter in Central Asia to take the Gospel to people who have not yet heard


Evangelism and Discipleship. This is a self-funded role.


We are looking for people with a passion to evangelise and disciple across cultures to Central Asian Muslims in towns and cities where there is no church in existence.

Candidates must have a long-term vision, be willing to learn language (no experience necessary), be servant-hearted and willing to learn, and have previous ministry experience in a church or mission setting. Bible or mission college training is an advantage but equivalent experience is also useful.

Qualities the role requires is being relational, ability to foster trust and respect, and being a team player either as a team member or leader.

The next step

Could your “Beautiful Feet” step into this role? Or do you know someone else whose feet might fit?

Why not call us on 01892 545509 or get in touch below:

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