3 folk will be going to Central Asia to serve within the next 6 months

  • Praying for 5 beautiful feet to be sent for Central Asian mission

Thank you so much for praying and helping us with the 5 Beautiful Feet that we have been trying to find to serve in Central Asia. We have had more enquiries for service since the beginning of this campaign than perhaps the previous two years, so whatever you are doing – keep doing it! That doesn’t mean that every enquirer will make it to Central Asia, or even most of them, but it is none the less very encouraging.

The good news is that three people have been accepted since the campaign started and will be serving with us in Central Asia within the next six months.

A number of others are at various stages and may take a year or two yet. Please pray for all these people as they raise support and prepare to leave or are still testing the call to serve and counting the cost.

As you are no doubt aware most people have heard very little, if anything, about Central Asia. Perhaps you could contribute to the 5 Beautiful Feet campaign by inviting us to a church meeting? That could be to give a short talk or why not host a Central Asian evening of food, culture and to learn about the church there? In my experience people are seldom called to serve in countries that they have never heard of!